Assistant Directors

During the summer of 2016, our senior management review resulted in a new and flatter Assistant Director second tier structure, which has been primarily designed to aid delivery of our FTFC priorities.

As an Assistant Director at Stevenage you will:

  • have the autonomy to lead your Business Unit but you will also have a key corporate role through your membership of our most senior officer group (the Strategic Leadership Team).
  • contribute strategically upwards, developing strategy as well as leading and driving delivery in your service areas.
  • be accountable and responsible for the management of budgets and performance outcomes and for the leadership of staff.
  • help drive corporate transformation and champion/deliver change in your Business Unit.
  • support staff through coaching, mentoring and creating the conditions that encourage innovation, challenge and collective learning.
  • develop effective working relationships with Portfolio Holders and Ward Councillors, keeping them updated and informed of key issues and providing support, briefing and advice, especially for Portfolio Holders.

Who are we looking for?

The key aspects of your career to date will be 1) a clear ability to undertake longer term strategic planning and 2) a record of actual delivery. We want to know about the things you've originated, planned and driven forward more so than the teams you’ve been part of. Overall project size is less important than a real understanding of how to make things happen in a complex environment.

You will need to be comfortable working in a democratic setting. You'll enjoy the chance to engage with our active and well-informed elected Members. While we're not fixed on a particular background (charity, consultancy, public-service professional or supply chain are all possible), it is essential that you have a good understanding of how local government works.

Strategic planning ability and delivery is critical, and you'll also need to evidence that you can operate effectively and credibly in an ever changing and political environment. So if your current role is not in local government, you need to be able to demonstrate that you understand how evidence is gathered and evaluated, and how decisions are made.

In summary the specific roles are:

Assistant Director – Regeneration (Up to £80k)

In this high-profile role you will lead delivery of our town centre regeneration, including the first phases of what is overall a £1bn plan. You will procure a development partner during 2017 and then help shape our future schemes. With significant LEP funding already in place this is an exciting time to join us.  

Assistant Director – Communities & Neighbourhoods (Up to £73k)

With an exciting and varied service portfolio including leisure, community and neighbourhood services, you will work with elected Members, partner agencies, colleagues and co-operatively with our residents to ensure their service and place needs are met.

Assistant Director - Stevenage Direct Services (Up to £73k)

Operating across Refuse and Recycling, Street Scene, Grounds Maintenance and our Housing Repairs Services, you will lead, redefine and commercialise some of the most visible services in Stevenage.

Added to this all roles will have an opportunity to work corporately, sitting on the top officer team of the Council and influencing decisions affecting the whole town.


You can access the job role details from the links on the right of this page.