Stevenage: a great place to live

Though its history goes back several hundred years, Stevenage's current incarnation began in 1946 with its unveiling as the UK's first new town. Its goal was to give generations of people and businesses the foundation to build the futures that they were all striving for.

Our location and excellent transport links mean that we have a vibrant and diverse business community, including world-class manufacturing and knowledge businesses (such as GSK, Airbus Defence & Space, Fujitsu, Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst and MBDA) through to fast growing innovation and technology-led start-ups backed by an extensive professional services and business-to-business sectors.

Affordable house prices make relocation easy, and Stevenage benefits from excellent schools. We've a great range of shops too, from small and unique outlets in the Old Town, to the major national names you'd expect elsewhere in the Borough. Moreover, because Stevenage was designed with leisure in mind, we benefit from excellent sports and cultural facilities, including: 

  • open green spaces
  • 45 miles of cycle paths
  • water sports
  • three golf courses
  • theatre
  • leisure park with cinema, bowling and places to eat
  • fitness centres

Development which is being actively pursued over the coming years includes a major town centre programme. Further to this we have also developed a comprehensive Local Plan which is currently in draft.


Future Town, Future Council

Our vision for Stevenage is of a prosperous town with vibrant communities and improved life chances. We believe that this is achievable only if we continue to be a flexible council that works with the community to provide value for money services for all, and effective support for the most vulnerable. Our current Budget Book provides detail on the structural finances of the council.

We recognised in late 2015 that a radically new strategic approach to resources and delivery would be required in order to be able to keep our promises to Stevenage's residents and businesses. Accordingly our Executive endorsed a fresh strategic approach - Future Town, Future Council (FTFC) - which provides us with a new model to achieve our top-level objectives. While the various strands of the FTFC programme have now been clearly articulated much scope remains for further development and challenge as we strive to make it real for those that live and work in the town.

For further information, you will find documents available for download on this page.



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