Stevenage: A great place to live​

Stevenage’s location and excellent transport links to London and other major cities mean that we have a vibrant and diverse business community, including world-class manufacturing and engineering businesses (such as GSK, Airbus Defence & Space, MBDA and Fujitsu), the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst, home to the world-leading cell and gene therapy centre), through to fast growing innovation and technology-led start-ups backed by extensive professional services and business-to-business sectors.

Affordable house prices make relocation easy and Stevenage benefits from excellent schools. We've a great range of shops too, from small and unique outlets in the Old Town to the major national names you'd expect elsewhere in the Borough. Moreover, because Stevenage was designed with leisure in mind, we benefit from excellent sports and cultural facilities, including: 

  • Green Flag listed parks
  • 45 miles of cycle paths
  • water sports
  • three golf courses
  • theatre
  • leisure park with cinema, bowling and places to eat
  • fitness centres